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Our spacious floor plans give you room to breathe

To help you find a home that meets the unique needs of you and your family, we offer three different layouts ranging in size from 719 to 1200 sq ft. Every home has a kitchen, dining room, living area and patio, in addition to the traditional bedroom and bathroom combination.

Your space isn’t limited to your home. we want you to take full advantage of the community space and enjoy all of the amenities we have to offer.

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Friendly service will give you the convenience of home

Service is one of our highest priorities, and our friendly service starts with the reservations process.

Call our reservations specialist, Wendy Janda, to make your reservations today.


Wendy will work with you to get a feel for what you and your family need, and then she’ll make sure you have it all and more when you get here.

Think it’s too late to call and want to get your reservations process started? Email Wendy at wjanda@switchplace.com. Let her know about your specific needs and be sure to include your contact information. She’ll get back to you as soon as her office doors open.

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